Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Another Date 2


"Hold on. Let me check if my flat is presentable."

As soon as I read his last message, I banged on Dan's door and emphatically told him we had to have dinner pronto. Perplexed and at the same time a bit annoyed of my childish excitement, he asked me what was going on. I tried my best to tell him the story in a way that he would understand. I couldn't. I was too excited. I was stuttering and incoherent. My narrative was obscure. He kept asking questions and I kept giving him answers that only confused him even more.

I gave up. "It doesn't matter. The point is, I'm gonna get laid tonight. With my ultimate crush. Bukas na ko magkukuwento. [I'll tell you the story tomorrow.]"

So we started with dinner. After two mouthfuls of greens, I stopped eating. I couldn't eat. The salad was competing for space against the butterflies in my stomach. I just sat there with Dan with a smile that he made fun of because it would beat any endorser any toothpaste brand has ever had. I sat there at the dining table, but my mind was already rummaging my closet for my outfit for the night. And for the following day, in case he asked me to spend the night there.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited even more.

It was already half past midnight, the last train from Tung Chung would be leaving in 12 minutes or so. I realized I was waiting in vain. I just hoped he wouldn't text me after the last train had gone. It would have been very frustrating.

I wasn't frustrated. He didn't text or call at all.

Following day, Tuesday.

AT around 8pm, I was already home from work and in my sarong making dinner for Dan and me. From the kitchen, I heard my phone give out a message alert beep. I knew it was Dan. He was probably gonna ask whether there was anything he needed to pick up from the grocery store before coming home. There was nothing I could think of so I didn't bother fetch my phone from my room. I figured he would get the message that my not replying meant he could skip the grocery. When the fish I was cooking was done, I went to my room and picked up the phone from my bed. It was the Aussie guy who frustrated me about 16 hours ago.

His message read: "I made dinner. What time are you coming?"

...will be continued. promise.