Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just Another Date

There's this Aussie man I've had the biggest crush on for the longest time. Big time crush, I'm not kidding. The type that makes me swoon everytime I see him across the bar from me, ordering his whisky and coke. The type that makes me speechless and blushing like a 13-year old everytime he says, "Hi Rye!". The type that makes me drop my cigarette go scampering for some gum everytime he says, "Smoking a lot again?"

He's 39 years old, very, very handsome, has a well-kept physique, a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, a nice set set of small teeth, and very, very masculine facial hair. He's extremely sexy --- physically and personality-wise. But I never fantasized about him. Ever. I've always thought he was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league. He was, to me (ok... hold on to your seats and take a deep breath, what you are about to read next is disgustingly cheesy), like a star. A sight to behold. And just that --- a sight to behold and not to possess. Or even touch.

Monday night, I got an sms from him which said: "Hi Ryan! How are you?" I was dumbfounded. I didn't know how to reply. I couldn't even decide whether I should reply at all. For all I know, he could have meant to send that message to another Ryan. Eventually, I took a chance and said "I'm all good. How've you been yourself?"

What followed was an exchange of 64 messages in 2 hours, all in all.

At some point, our sms turned to flirting, which led to him asking me when I last jacked off. I shamelessly gave him an honest answer: "Before the first dawn of 2008."

"You've never wanked since then?" he asked again.

"No. I'm saving it for my first sex for the year."

"Oh! But it's been a week already."

"I know. I have to catch up. The first week's officially over in a few hours."

"Well, cutie, you have to get outta Tung Chung if you wanna get laid." Did he call me cutie? And was he suggesting I went to his place or something?

"I probably will if somebody interesting invites me."

"Hold on. Let me check if my flat is presentable."

...will be continued. promise.