Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tonight, I Give The Greatest Performance

...of my sex life.

I've been sick in bed for two days; so today, I decided to follow the counsel of sex therapists who say sex ameliorates most illnesses such as common cold, recurring headache, fever, etc. --- basically, the symptoms of a flu, which I have.

Late this afternoon, this guy we'll call "x", sent me an sms asking how I was. I thought it was funny to receive something like that from him. We met only once. At Volume. And we never really got in touch. (He has a partner and he looks quite loyal. That was enough for me to stay at bay, voluntarily.) I sms'ed back saying that except for this really annoying flu that I have, everything's fine. I returned the question and he said that he was ok and that he was having some naughty thoughts. I knew right away it was gonna be him. Later on, I invited him over and he gladly said yes. Trying to be responsible, I reminded him that I had a flu and he said he didn't mind.

As if guided by some invisible force, x came to my house at 8 tonight with a bottle of chardonnay. Mamu was asleep and Dan was away. Perfect! After a glass, he reminded me he only had an hour and a half to spend because his significant other would be waiting for him. We wanted to waste no time so I instructed him to go to my bedroom and he obliged. I followed shortly.

What followed was an intense makeout session. As if we were 13 and it was the first time for us both to experience what we both had been wanting to do. His hands crawled all over my fully clothed body before trying to unfasten the buttons of my jeans. His tongue rolled all over my neck and...

Oh god! I promised him I won't blog about this. This is wrong. I can't break his trust. Gotta stop. Gotta stop. Right here.

Good night!