Monday, January 07, 2008

Taking A Break From The Highlights

an excerpt from a YM window


Law: yun lang. I hope you're not that affected by it.

Ryeness: not at all.

Law: great

Ryeness: i barely know the guy.

Law: so it's over?

Law: i hope?

Ryeness: sobra.

Law: buti naman

Ryeness: it was a momentary high.

Law: sabi ko sa yo eh

Ryeness: natuwa lang ako coz he made me feel desired even for but a fleeting moment.

Law: he's good at doing that.. but he can also drop you like a hot potato. buti na lang you didnt have to experience that. medyo naloka ako sa yo nung mga panahong yun eh. di ko alam kung anong gagawin ko.

Ryeness: true. well, i didn't go through all that heartcahe in the past for nothing

Ryeness: i am stubborn but i do learn my lessons. :-)

Law: :-)

Ryeness: as a matter of fact, there are more lessons that the universe is slapping me with right now.

Law: tell me more about those things when I get back, ok?