Friday, January 18, 2008


Chris, one of my best friends here in HK, wrote as a comment to "Just Another Date":

ayan ka na naman sa mga "to be continued" mo te eh..... sabi nga ni nelson "asan na ung mga kaduktong?" :) parang sa dinadami nung gnawa mong ganito, lahat ata wala pang ending.... tama mali? :) hehehe

And he said it right. None of my series ever ended. So in the interest of closure, I will be ending them all one by one in the coming days.

So for those who have forgotten some of them, and for those who might want to catch up, here are the hanging series this blog has produced:

The titles enumerated above are linked to the most recent post in their respective series. Clicking on "continued", which could be found on the top of each page will bring you its precedent.