Friday, January 04, 2008

The 12 Days Of Christmas Highlights

Day 1 (Dec 20) - The Christmas Cabaret. That's me in the photo partnering Terasa (former principal dancer of HK Ballet), in the neo-classical choreography of the chorale version of "Do You Hear What I Hear"
Right after the Cabaret, I headed off to Law's in Causeway Bay for a little bit of catching up. Bored and still awake at 4 am, we donned our sweaters and went to the 24-hour grocery store near his building to pick up stuff for the dinner we were gonna have the following day.

Day 2 (Dec 21) - Pre-Christmas Dinner at Law's. Law was flying home to celebrate the holidays in Manila on the 22nd, so he planned to throw a preChristmas dinner for us, his HK circle. Ok, he it wasn't his plan but mine. But he paid for everything. Even bought a new salad bowl and some cutleries. C'est moi in the photo, checking my mail while letting my pomodoro simmer in the kitchen.

That night's menu: continental baby greens with vinaigrette, swedish meatballs in olive oil, pomodoro with anchovies, baby back ribs brought by Ryan Lee (I would claim the credit, but that's not right), meatlover's pizza

Of us 7 dollar-earners, only Ryan, the youngest in the group, brought presents for everyone: cream-coated polvoron with Oreo bits. Yum! he brought a box for each of us. The following morning, when we woke up, they were all gone. The culprit? The guy who left at 6 in the morning.

After dinner, they urged us to... podcast! How predictable was that, diba?

We did, anyway. Nag-enjoy naman sila. na-tense nang konti. Diba, Steve? It was a good exercise in extemoraneous speaking, spontaneity and wit. After that night, Steve set up his own podcast. Send me a message if you want the link to his podcast. ;-)

That's the 7 of us. (clockwise from the guy whose head I'm holding) Ryan (the polvoron guy. Thanks again, 'nak!), Steve (my financial planner effective soon and my Adidas Philippines jacket sponsor, satisfying his vodka-cran addiction even in front of the camera), Chris (parang Nokia --- connecting people), Enan (the virgin), Law (the kuya, the host, the Absolut Disco guy), Dan (the guy whose name appears the most in my blog, and the other half of TD&RS), and moi, the Divine Ryeness. This photo was taken for the podcast site. Few minutes after this pic was taken, we played charades. I mean, really.. Couldn't we be any gay-er?

This (plus Dan who took the pic) was our team. We intimidated the other team by our credentials. Hello! All four of us are performers --- actors and dancers who know how to move our bodies. There were only 3 of them in the other team; Chris being the only performer. Steve and Ryan are both money boys (not prostitutes. Steve is in finance and Ryan works for a remittance company).

After 10 rounds, the score was 5-1 in favor of the money boys.

Last (pa-)Men Standing. Ryan had to go back home and Chris just passed out after the tagayan initiated by Dan. Enan is trying to say something in this pic. One point? O first time? Only he knows. Well, not really. He blogged about it at 5 that morning.